Why why why people on devRant rant with stupid ignorance,
oooh windows is bad, why cause it takes longer to start, cause everyone says so, fuck you, build your opinion and don't surf on popular vote.
One more, ooh java sucks, cause you fucking don't know when and how to use it.

I'm just frustrated that some people on this community rant/comment for fucking clickbaits.

I'm not endorsing or bashing either windows or java here, you would know if you read the rant properly!

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    hype sells
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    I call that "Collaborative illusion", i'll be writing an article on medium soon enough, will share it with you. ;) (I love ranting about that <3)
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    I agree is op. Any OS or programming language can be bad if the user is incompitant user or in this case 90% of devranters here. A lot of posts here are cringe at best especially when it comes to OS wars or Java.
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    Well it's called devRant and everyone rants about whatever the heck they want. I don't like Java. Beat me up 😂
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    Congratulations you just started another community called devdevRant
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    @Timay lmao... Just realized it.

    @mzeffect I agree you rant here about development but we do expect something elegant (in dev way) than just bitching. This is ranting site not bitching / clickbaiting site. I love intelligent / funny rants / posts and not cringe-worthy.

    @jsmrcaga I will wait for the link :)
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    @simpleJack much better actually
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    Honestly i agree with you.
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