So I love my pixel 2 xl, best phone I've had (not saying that just because it's the newest btw)

But fuck me do I hate how it dictates what wallpaper needs a light and dark theme, plus when you have a dark theme on, why does the navbar stay white in applications but the notification pane change... I love google but come on -,-

And yes it's a minor thing but it's the small things that are the worst imo

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    I don't think it's so much a dark theme. It's probablly just a design change so it would look better with your wallpaper
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    @Froot I would consider it a theme seeing it changes the notification/quick setting panel dark system wide, by having that themed system wide it feels inconsistent to then have the nav bar be white when it use to be black...

    As I said it's a small thing and I'm probably the only one :-P
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    You know there's a thing called 3rd party launchers right?

    Install Nova Launcher, problem solved.
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    @NGPixel no it's not, the navigation bar, not the actual launcher is my issue
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    @lxmcf The navigation bar being white in some apps is a design choice by Google...
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    @NGPixel I know, that's what I mean :-P
    Just wish the navbar would match the system theme
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    @lxmcf I'm not a fan either but considering they keep changing colors every release...
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