When do you know your code is documented well?

If writing anything more besides your code feels absolutely unnecessary.

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    Documentation is like a nuclear bomb. If everything is well then you dont need it because the code is clear. But when you do need it you better have it
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    @hubiruchi I would change that last sentence into: "...when you do need it, let's hope you don't have it." - I despise weapons, especially of that size and impact.

    Actually I should update that statement of mine to "...your code is clear." instead of documented. Because my point is not that you don't need docs but that the code may be so clear and commented, that it suffices as documentation without more text about it.

    Why I say that is because I was writing some documentation for a library and it was just so hard to come up with anything contributing to the understanding such that this phrase came into my realisation.
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