To those of you who have IT degrees, what exactly did you learn?

I've got the opportunity to double major in CS and IT, with it taking a total of 5 years. It's basically 1 extra year for the IT degree, since the CS takes 4 years with my general education classes. (It's a total of 13 extra class to get the IT degree.)

Part of me wants to just because it seems fun to learn my biggest tool if I'm going to program. And part of me acknowledges it's also a potential job if I'm unable to get a programming job at some point.

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    Ive studied CS and there was a shit ton of math and physics and theoretical stuff, algorithms and datastructures, complex systems, parallel programming on distributed systems and IT and data laws and I've wrote a lot of papers and scientific research. This might sound interesting to you but it wasn't really it was disgustingly boring and a waste of time. Also theoretical Stuff and UML in software engineering like 5÷ of the knowledge I could use 😂
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    Shit ton of math? Yes. Instead of Physics, Im taking chemistry. (Was also stupid on my part to take that, I hate chemistry. I should've taken geology...it was the easiest option for me lol.) I've looked at every class description for my required CS classes, but I forgot everything we're going to learn lol
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