After watching the Falcon Heavy launch up close, I’m severely regretting having changed my major from aerospace engineering to computer science and then to information systems. Anyone else feeling the desire to go back to school and get a degree in something that’ll land you a job at SpaceX or some other company?

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    or some other company? Like, McDonalds? Yea!
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    I’m still at school. I have changed university by stay in the same track actually.
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    Every company needs janitors !

    You could just as easily work for SpaceX in information systems as an aerospace engineer.

    You could also study in your spare time to get another degree.

    I quite fancy one in Nanotech, but by the time I'd have got one, I'd be past the age of retirement, so getting a job might prove even more difficult !

    Though my uncle was in his 80's and still had job offers..
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    My misfortune is that all the SpaceX programmer jobs are in Hawthorne, CA. I’m in Florida near the Cape and the one thing I cannot do is uproot my family as they are well adjusted here and it would be too traumatic to take that away. So I would have to retrain in some kind of engineering discipline for a job here.
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    Several possible solutions there:

    Your family leave you. :-)

    Someone else starts a space company near to you.

    You start a space company near to you.

    My experience in life, everyone else leaves when they feel like it, so..

    Perhaps you should put yourself first.
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    @Nanos wow. Leaving my family for my career? Nope.
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