Why must I always have great ideas for my projects and have the code in my head when I'm out for dinner with family and drinking, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    I know the feel, my dude. Do you have a way to take notes for later? :o
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    @Navigatr I did but it was a long piece of code and didn't want to be rude and on my phone for ages hammering out code lol
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    @lxmcf Could you write it down with keywords? :D Like, just enough to remember your train of thought? I mean, if anyone questions it, couldn't you argue that it's work related, or at least "work related"?
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    > didn't want to be rude and on
    > my phone for ages

    It's what everyone else does !

    I remember being on a date, and the woman's phone kept ringing, she kept answering it and telling yet another friend how the date was going..

    After about the 6th call she turns to me and says "Is it rude of me to keep answering my phone?"

    "Yes!" I reply.

    "Oh" she says !

    Then she turns it off..

    I'd already turned my off..

    Now you probably think, ah well, young folk today, no this was a middle aged woman who should know better !

    But as it seems, no one else cares about being rude, if I had an idea, I'd stop and type it out, and to hell with what anyone else thinks !
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    @Navigatr ah shit that would have been a good idea actually :-/
    @Nanos yeah but still don't like doing it, I'm the odd kind of 20 year old, I can live without my phone and hate that everyone else is attached to there phone screen, maybe I'm just getting senile in my old age ;-)
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    @lxmcf It's a good habit! As someone who's incredibly absentminded at times it's an essential routine of mine. :P
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    > I can live without my phone

    Same here !

    My neighbour sometimes texts me, and I don't notice I've received any for days !
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    It is in our DNA
    God programmed us like that
    If (this.IsProgrammer && !Time.GetTime().IsProgrammingTime)
    this.TaskBuilder.startTask(new ProgrammingTask{
    void onStart() {
    //programming thoughts processing

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    Like how Einstein got his ideas because he did clerical work at the patent office
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    I wonder if his work was all his own work then..

    "Oh that patent looks interesting, shame it got lost.."
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    @Nanos 😂 except there’s the issue that patents are for machines and products of physics that he proved wrong, doubt there was one for time slowing down the faster you go or for light being photons
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