Guys I have something important to ask you, more experienced devs here. I am at the end of my Bachelors Degree and currently applying for jobs with Java. I have always been really interested in C++, but thought it was too hard and all of that. Just now after two years of developing desktop/web apps with Java/Spring i feel I am ready to go low level. Do you think I should focus on Java or go with C++?

Any oppinion is welcome and thanks in advance ;)

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    P.S. Any tips for transition from Java - cpp would be useful as well
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    You could focus more in aspects of coding that actually apply to every programming language, like design patterns, clean code, algorithms, best practices, architectural aspects and protocols. I think, actually learn syntax becomes easy with the time, practice or experience, like reading any other format: HTML, XML, JSON, etc. IMHO that's how you can enable yourself to choose the professional path across the multiple areas of computer science. Choosing a language could depend of multiple factors, like the team, the available hardware, or desired performance. If you like computers and problem solving, I think you could learn any language you wish with some time and pacience. There's plenty of applications like machine learning, IoT, cloud, databases, big data, graphics, mobile, web, videogames, networks, security, devops, pm, ux, etc. That's the best advice from a college and good look with your new beginning!
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    > thought it was too hard and all of that.

    It is !

    If you really want to be challenged, and do hard stuff, and take years learning how to do things you want, then its for you.

    Else, Java would be the easier road.

    Except when you find something you can't do easily in it, and then you'd wish you had C++ skills to do it. :-)
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    Why not both? I currently work with both; Android with a cross platform c++ part which is used through JNI, and i am very happy with this setup (except Android Studio's C++ support). When I started i also was a bit afraid of not being able to do the C++ part well but fortunately the company has some good C++ devs who helped me up my game there. Now after two years I feel pretty confident in both Java and C++. I know this language combination is rather uncommon in a dev job but maybe this would be something for you.
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    Both would be nice, but I find just learning one language well difficult enough, let alone two !

    It's like folk who know half a dozen languages, great, if you can do that !

    The rest of us mortals, struggle with one. :-)
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    @architect cpp in most cases isn't really low level since RAII you don't really need to manage memory that much anymore.

    For really low level and understanding I would learn some kind of assembler and even dealing with C and distributed parallel programming and shared thought me a lot about how this stuff works so assembler, plain c and c with openmp, mpi, openACC will teach a lot about memory and stuff
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