One too many rants on Windows Update and the apparently endless ways to somehow turn off enough parts of it to no longer consider it a nuisance — and mostly neglecting to remember how to turn it back on or run it manually...
This of course lends a lot of room for bitching about Windows being unsecure and and outdated :o

Unfortunately the good people at NoVirusThanks have recently released the tool you've all been waiting for — no need to cry any longer because Microsoft's monthly release schedule means you have updates every time you bimonthly "have to" use Windows:

Win Update Stop — as simple as pictured: http://novirusthanks.org/products/...
It even comes in a portable version and support all the way back to XP!

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    ...and apparently tags are lowercased...

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    Haha! @Flygger not the video I expected when I followed the YouTube link.
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    @Nanos the video link in the first comment should work; the one in the tag doesn't because it was lowercased :(
    And I'm sorry I forgot to mention, but it's free like many of their other small, single purpose applications :)
    It's nothing big or fancy, just does as advertised and handles the boring parts so the user doesn't have to keep track of settings, services, and whatnot...
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    @Nanos I haven't seen nag screens, limitations, or trial periods in this or any of their other software except if they explicitly advertise it on the product page.

    It's one of many tools in the "Free Software" category (http://novirusthanks.org/download-f...) that states:
    "We have developed many free Windows utilities. Download free software for Windows PC, safe and
    100% virus-free. Here you can find all our free software, sorted alphabetically." — which actually seems to be true :o

    Also, the specs state:
    Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32\64-bit)
    License Type: Freeware
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    @Nanos yeah, it makes sense to make tags more uniform by lowercasing them, but I didn't know that, which is why I posted the correctly cased link in the first comment :P
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    I like having Windows updated...
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    @iamgio in that case the tool can also be used to verify that all (mandatory) parts of the service is turned on, and force it on and off again (hell yeah, reboot all the things) as a first step in trobleshooting ;)
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    Windows offers to disable updates for 1 month. Then it will check them regardless with IMO is a good thing. You shouldn't use outdated OS and 1 month is long already.
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    @taiBsu @arraysstartat1 I very much agree, but the tool could also be used to hard-pause updates while doing something you deem important, only to turn them back on afterwards :)
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    "O&O ShutUp10"
    Freeware which has an ability to completely disable updates, along with tons of other privacy tweaks :)
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    During the practically forced win10 free upgrades, I killed my Windows update to prevent the "complimentary upgrade" from happening. I've since forgotten how to fix it ☹

    Oh well, I'm moving to Debian anyway.
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