Do you see the same ranters again and again? I begin to ‘know’ some of these people.

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    Yes. It's called a community :-P
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    @Zaphod65 never heard that word before
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    Really? No mentions? 😜
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    Isn't that the best part, recognizing who wrote a ran't before clicking on it and then just look at the avatar to confirm your suspition...
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    well it is that community aspect, on the other hand I sometimes restrain from commenting because it kind of feels like there is already community of people who know each other
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    @karnivol well everyone has to start somewhere.
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    @DuckyMcDuckFace yea it wasn't meant in any kind of negative way I just wanted to point out something that exists and there's probably a lot of people who feel that sometimes :) this community is really great
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    @karnivol what @DuckyMcDuckFace said.
    Although I've come a long way on here, I started just like you. Engaging in comment sections will get more and more fun :)
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    @karnivol engaging in comments is how you get to put forward your thoughts unabashedly which is the whole point of this community. Dont refrain from commenting or posting whatever you feel like anytime. 🤗
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    @Torbuntu yes I do.
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    @linuxxx this guy of course.
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