On the first class of cryptography professor says, "Hackers are people who dropped out of school, didn't obey their parents and turned to drugs and alcohol and steal money from people by hacking their facebook."

Then goes on to say, "People tend to keep their birthdate as their debit card's PIN so hacker checks their facebook account, finds their birthdate and goes to ATM machine and hacks their bank account."

I was speechless.

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    try to get his birthdate.
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    @stop yeah, but don't forget to snort lots of crack and listen to heavy metal while you do it.
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    @stereohisteria crack is too expensive. flour with some food coloring should do the trick.
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    But I got my job through hacking.. legally of course.
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    I highly doubt he said the former. And the latter half isn’t wrong.
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    OMG I think I should hide my birthday on Facebook.
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    Fun fact. Most academics have lived in their ivory tower for years. Some tales claim that the smog from them inhaling their own smug farts has led to a fine haze obscuring their view of the world below, and clouded their minds.
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