Help. I'm drowning in spaghetti code

I've been working at a working student (15 hours/ week) at a local software company for about a month now... and with everything I learned at college I'm kind of getting eye cancer here.
We still use SVN
We don't have any coding guidelines. No checkstyle, no overview over the program. When I started there I was just giving a ticket and they said good luck.
We just have some basic RCPTT Tests inside Eclipse and most of Themen don't work in the trunk because the gui got changed...
At least we have a ticket system but it doesn't get used by most of the working students.
I found 10 other bugs while reproducing and trying to fix 1 bug.
And I've never seen Java raped so badly. Today I saw a line that started with 6 brackets because whoever wrote it wanted to cast like there was no tomorrow. I see more instanceof in one day than in my whole devlife before.
The only thing we have is two normal employees that review our code before we are allowed to commit it into the trunk.
So yeah... I'm drowning in spaghetti-code.

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    The best advice I could tell you when confronted with those projects is to take time to write the best code possible when adding news features and take time to standardize/rename variables and functions so they all look the same when written by you.

    That way, bit by bit the code will look better! But always remember that a project is a artwork in progress forever. It will never be perfect, but at least you are making it better!!

    Have a great coding session my friend!
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    Your story made me cry, leave this crapy place, you'll be turning into a mad person if you stay there 🙊🙊🙊
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