Whenever I rant about JavaScript and it's terrible way of doing things differently and totally illogical in the way real programmers would do things versus webdev-scriptkiddies...
Whenever I laugh about these engineers who can only 'code' in Matlab...
Whenever I hear people consider configuring (of stuff like WordPress or RGB-Keyboard-Lights etc.) as 'programming'...

I wonder, if I'm just like the 'Real Programmers' back in 1983 who truly considered Fortran or Assembly to be much more superior than Pascal and someone who coded in the latter or even used a simple OS like UNIX couldn't get accepted as a programmer.

Found that old article about "Real Programmers".
It's worth a read.

Just consider someone writing modern computer programs without libraries, ifs, for loops and only gotos by hand from top to bottom...
Some day I want to start some modern project everyone else would do in some random modern scripting language and hack it down in assembly just for fun and to tell people, I did it. So I could call myself a Real Programmer too.

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    By the way, the story of Mel that was linked to from the page you link is good.

    Read it the first tome som 15-16 years ago.

    The thing about programing using goto or assembly is not really that its harder.

    But it does require you to create some sensible structure or the code turn into a mess.

    Its just a lot more boiler plate.

    The really hard stuff is leveraging the access to real memory to optimize speed without sacrificing stability.

    In assembly, to use registers in a way that avoids storing and restoring them.

    This is something modern compilers do for you and the really food ones also understand how the processor does branch prediction and tries to optimize code to help out.

    That is something most programmers cannot do as its different for different processors and just to difficult to keep in mind.
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    When i was young and liked music, a fan of guitar-heavy music told me that some of what i considered music is not "real music".

    Once i got into programming and found all the cool tools that exist , i got told that "real programmers" don't do that. So, guess I'm not a real programmer.

    I spend a lot of my free time playing games and I've been doing that for at least 20 years, so i might consider myself a "gamer" until i recognized, that being a "real gamer (or just a gamer) " means being an ass on the internet. I don't wanne be that.
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