What can you do with people using so many times git force push ...

* explain gently this is not necessary
* punch him/her everytime you see it
* other stuff that is not in the above list

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    If it was me.. I would do all 3

    Here’s #3:

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    @C0D4 thanks, I will sure do that also ;)

    @irene, you're pretty agressive aren't ya ? But sure sometimes diplomatic ways aren't enough...
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    Cant you just turn of push for the main branch. Then you have to make merge requests. Or just do the punch thing.
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    @irene I don't think we can see it as stupidity, quite close to it, it's between being stubborn and stupid, maybe both ^^

    @f7u12, it can be a good starting point but we cannot waste so much time, the timeline is quite tight ^^

    @towmeykaw it's already the case, two branches are already protected, the person is working on he/her branch but has to push --force on his/her branches for some strange reasons too many times ^^

    @all thanks for your replies, I will be back for the chapter 2 of the story ;)
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    Revoke their push rights.
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    @Root, part of a new option, I can but it's like to punish children without making them understand their misbehaviours ;) better to let them understand by themselves and also,

    I'm not a dictator 😂
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    @veakey Obviously explain the reasoning first, but if they refuse to listen and keep causing problems for other devs... children or not, I wouldn't let it continue.
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