Suggestion please!

I work basically on native android applications. From last week I started exploring cross platform and chose React native. I have zero knowledge on JS. And now it seems very hard to grab. I started a project and learning whatever I'm needing on that purpose. Some props I'm shooting blindly and components I don't even understand clearly how they are working.

Please suggest me a convenient way or guide me with some resources to alleviate my frustration! Pretty please!

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    After you learn the basics of js, you could switch to Kotlin if that’s what you were using for android, as it can be used as a js-compilable programming language
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    If you decide to go down the route of RN, I'd suggest going through ReactJS and how it works first then go back to RN.

    After you understan those 2, you'd need some sort of state management, I'd suggest Redux, it's basically like a singelton which contains all the states of your app.

    If you've reached this point (which shouldn't take long), then you could see if you still like to continue using RN, and would need to look into navigation libraries etc
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    Also there is kotlin native, but I think it's in early stages. I believe it would be similar to writing a shared lib (as you'd do in c) and use it accross different platforms.
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    Thanks for the thorough suggestion man! I might start looking into ReactJS now.
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