Felt adventurous and tried out nodejs.

Yall mind if i throw up real fast?

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    No problem, the withdrawal effects of lesser platforms can be quite rough when you switch to something as magnificent as node.js
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    Gotta say I love node!
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    @namenlossss IM NOT BLIND FFS

    @Froot so you are saying that node is unlike anything else, what makes it useless in the business sector?

    @linuxxx yeah, well hitler loved killing people too so
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    @BindView yeah it is extremely useless in business sector, this article proves it: https://goo.gl/cwHMas.
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    @BindView I'm not saying it's perfect in any way, i just like it. Just as I like PHP. I don't use them for the same uses cases though.
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    @tahnik thanks for this exhaustive list of 10 companies who probably use every possible piece of technology what happens to include node

    @nptr node itself is pretty meh, npm cracks me up a lot more
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    @BindView they wouldn't use it if it was useless.
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    @linuxxx i love php, im just really bad at it :/
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    @tahnik are you making this a linguistic thing?
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    @BindView Lol. Oh you...
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    @BindView I am simply stating that your statement about node being useless is invalid.

    While I understand you like PHP and not a fan of Node, bashing it because you don't fully understand it is unacceptable.
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    @tahnik He seems like one of those guys who hates node cause it's pushing PHP out and thus making him less competitive on the job market 🤣
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    @Froot man I love your burns haha
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    @Froot did yall read the part where i said im shit at php? Im still a sr js dev, but that doesnt mean i have to like every shit that comes outta js lol
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    @namenlossss goal of my life is to reinforce this law
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    Lol I've always thought it was blind not bind
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    Dude said node made him puke and y'all started attacking php lmfao he is a Java developer. This is why I don't take part in the Node community, shit is toxic af when everyone thinks their main tool is the best thing in the world.
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    @AleCx04 look at you mate. Just one comment about node pushing PHP out of business and you're shitting on the whole node community.

    And he is a JS dev, not java. Are you still learning the difference between them?
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    @tahnik look at all his other rants, I've known the dude for a while now :) not a js dev primarily at all when his heart is in JVM land. Just like me, which is why I clicked with the dude. I really dislike language wars and find beauty in all of them since as an engineer I recognize the value in all of them. And I actually love Node and JS. Are *you* sure you know the difference?
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    @AleCx04 it's nodejs, not node.

    I found nodejs community to be really helpful and one of the biggest contributor to open source community. Part of it might be shite but not all of it. Or not enought to hate it completely. But each to his own I guess.
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    @tahnik it is also GNU/Linux, not Linux, but you know what people mean when they say Linux. Come on now. And of course not everyone is shit, else we would never had the great tools that come from the entire ecosystem. My gripe is, even as someone that works with Node and loves it I see a lot of the community attacking other stacks all the time like if it was a silver bullet, when it really isn't. But as you said, to each his own.
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    @BindView Not a fan of NodeJS but it is useful in the business sector because if coded properly it is fast and reliable, it gives you the chance to have an all JavaScript stack from backend through frontend which is good for companies who can't afford a full fledged dev department, i.e startups.
    @linuxxx @BindView also you seem to be comparing PHP a language with NodeJS a server framework.
    I don't think NodeJS is the best thing ever, but I can recognize the things the framework is good at and it's the right tool for certain jobs.
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    Node is great for prototyping and small applications.

    Its terrible at scale / production, unless you have a team of experts who set and follow strict standards.

    Of course, due to the dunning-kruger effect, everyone thinks they are part of the expert team that does node right.
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    @codebanana thank you i love you

    @tahnik actually i joined this company as a fullstack java/angular dev (since then we left angular because its a piece of shit and moved to vue), i just somehow ended up doing frontend
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    @JKyll I'm not comparing them, I even mentioned using them for different use cases haha!
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