Why the fuck isn't there a DevRant coffee mug in the swag store? I am sick and tired of drinking java from a freakkin' plate.

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    You know there are other places were you can get a mug, right?
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    Not in Bulgaria. @Olverine
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    Eastern Europe pal, we don't have much of anything.

    Some of the poorer folks still just use their cupped hands as food bowls or cups.

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    How about eBay?
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    It's all in Cyrillic, not only do I not understand the alphabet, Google translate doesn't either. Most of the Internet here is in Cyrillic (except this site and maybe a couple more). @Michelle
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    Have you considered using a plastic bag? They have the added benefit of taking any shape you need, no more "why the fuck is my mug so wide" rage.
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    We tried that a few weeks ago. Pouring the coffee into a small vegetable bag, briskly cutting a small corner off then suckling on the contents but this solution turned inconvenient and overly messy really quickly. (+ you can't really place the bag anywhere without spilling).@Froot
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    @intromatt Hmm... you're right.
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    All the wood in my neighborhood has been chopped down for heating. @meltdown
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    @intromatt Could try carving one from stone
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    Just tried, it's really hard. @Froot
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    @intromatt Patience, young padawn, patience
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