I might get murder for saying this but I really like KDE desktop environment. Gnome suck balls

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    yeah! gnome3 is shit. its so laggy and messy and ugly. and no default grid workspaces really!???!
    and the animations and the menu it all just ...
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    KDE is nice, except it's ugly. Gnome is buggy but at least it's efficient in my workflow. Budgie is crap. Pantheon is too mac-like and low on customization. XFCE is a dinosaur, lxde has no modern GUI features.

    They all suck in one way or the other.
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    @AndSoWeCode aye, true.. Currently I'm running mx linux and I love it.
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    This right here is the beauty of Linux. The fact that we can choose our DE and then rage at other people for choosing something else.
    Mmmmmhhhhhh freedom... I love it.
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    @himanshu-ahuja mmm, something new... TO THE DOWNLOAD!
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