Any dev/programming related anime, that you can recommend?

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    Future and robotics maybe:
    - Ghost in the shell

    Other than that.. 📌
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    @BambuSource already know ghost, but thanks
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    There was one called battle programmer shiraze. It was over the top crazy but entertaining. It got cancelled after the first season tho. There is also serial experiment lain which is crazy good and lets not forget about Bloody Monday. Mind you these are aaaaall over the top type crazy stuff in terminals ala swordfish hackers sort of thing but all good non the less :)
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    I think Summer Wars (about a huge digital parallel world which is being hacked..?) had a little hacker boy or girl in it xD
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    @BambuSource aaah shit I forgot about summer wars!! Definitely recommended as well.
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    @AleCx04 @BambuSource im watching battle programmer shirase right now. I think its cool.
    Summer wars is a really good movie tho.
    New Game!, is about Graphics design in game development.
    Ill look at the others as well.
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