I hate vodafone with all my heart..

Somehow our internet connection is being "disrupted" every night at 2:30 for one hour. Also occasionally during the day. They seem to be having "technical difficulties" with their cable connection, WHICH IS LITERALLY THE ONLY JOB THAT WE PAY THEM FOR...

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    cant even google for translations properly now
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    A friend used to use Vodafone to make a long distance call at nights. Exactly at 2 am his call used to get disconnected! Fuck Vodafone, yeah!
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    @nptr I dont think I have a dynamic one, and it is not just disconnected for 5 minutes but for 1 hour usually and sometimes at other times and even longer.
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    does anyone know how someone could deal with this? I would like to record our available bandwidth and use it to sue them or something. But I dont know how to create a record which is a legitimate proof..
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    @simulate why not just change the ISP?
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    Thats what I sugested but appearently we have a contract which is still running for one year. But I bet we can cancel it if they dont do their thing right.
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    Well, just so you can see how fucked up Portugal is, Vodafone is the best ISP we got. Yep.
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    @simulate You can cancel your contract if they don't fulfill it. If you're living in Germany (as your profile suggests), there have been a number of court sentences in that regard.

    Also have a look at this service: https://breitbandmessung.de/
    It allows you to measure your bandwidth and compare it to the assured bandwidth and also helps to compare providers (if you intend to change it).
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    Apparently the cleaning lady disconnects their mainframe at 2:30 each night to plug in her vacuum cleaner.
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    thanks for the help!

    hahaha 😁
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    Vodafone sucks. A family member has no internet connection since 5 months. They know what the problem is but refuse to fix it.
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