So I went to a service center to repair my cracked mobile screen. I thought that the process would be completed in a few hours so I didn't took any backup.

Guy: You need to hand over your device for 2 days.
Me: Okay, no problem just fix it. (At this point i was desperate because a bunch of shops already told me that the complete model needs to be replaced)
Guy: You also need to remove any screen lock from it.
Me: But why?
Guy: We need to test once we fix the display. The repair util can be accessed by an inbuilt app.
Me: *Internally screams, my pr0n collection, my browsing history...*
Me: Just give me a minute. *Uninstalls a bunch of apps*.
Me: Handing the device to him. *crying internally and thinking if anything was left*.
Me: While returning, Fucking fuck now how am i gonna suppose to book myself a cab.. *facepalm myself with a fist*

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    that you had to remove the screen lock - and also the waiting time, my colleague just had her screen replaced and that took them about 15mins - sounds fishy. But I'm sure you can restore most stuff you had to delete
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    @CoffeeNcode It is a sony device. They were out of stock for the screen replacement. It could have been the next day but tomorrow is Sunday so probably they'll remain closed.
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