Tried an ad blocker for the first time yesterday. Well what do ya know? Websites I use will not let me access them unless I turn it off. I KNEW something like this would happen. When they were first coming out a few years ago, I said to myself "If everyone is going to be blocking ads, how will we be able to go to these sites for free?"

I expected the worst. I thought they'd put free websites behind a pay wall, much like ad-free mobile applications I would make. Thank GOD that didn't happen. This system is a lot more fair in my opinion. I'm just glad they don't do the same with popup-blockers. Then we would have an issue.

In all seriousness, as annoying as some websites are with their trashy, misleading, or fake ads, they (kinda) have to be there in order for devs to make money and for consumers to be somewhat happy. That is why I personally will not use ad blockers.

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    which adblocker?
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    I've got nothing against ads, some websites are just unusable, one example of this is PC gamer especially on mobile. I occasionally remove them for some websites if they are not flashing, playing a video or blocking content. For websites that have adblock blockers, you can literally block that element too lol.
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    @Noren Adblock. It was on a school PC (running Debian). Could get on big sites LIKE YouTube and Facebook that could afford it. But not a lot of news sites and smaller forums that rely on the ad revenue
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    If you want to try again someday, I recommend you ublock origin. Beside of that, a adblocker is only as good as its filter lists. Do not forget to turn on the additional lists.
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    The problem is the sites don't monitor the ads and they are a massive security risk. The adserver gets jacked and is either mining cryptocurrency, or delivering cryptoware. I'll keep my pc virus and add free thanks.
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    Pi-hole is the way ! Blocks ads at the network level and is super easy to set up. I sometimes get the "you're using an add blocker" pop up bullshit but just click done or I disabled it etc and it'll let you through
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