Anyone here relaxes by cooking a dish?

I use normal vegetable oil, and lots of it. Don’t judge me.

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    I relax by cooking half the dish, getting distracted, and then eating half burnt overcooked food
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    Everything I cook always tastes plain.

    It looks tasty, but when you eat it, there's no taste.

    I don't know how it works, but anything you tell me to cook magically ends up without a taste.

    I can bake with no problems. I bake brownies, cookies, cake, etc and they all taste great, but cooking is my weak spot.

    The only thing I can cook is afghan rice. And that's only because I've spied on my mother cooking it when I was younger. She would make it all the time.

    I'm probably the worst eldest daughter that ever existed, because of my terrible cooking skills. :/
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    @HackerExecute Pizza rolls get me through college. One time I bought 300 at once lol

    @Michelle It took my sister almost 20 years to learn how to kind of cook decently, and even then it's nothing spectacular or complicated. You got time lol
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    I get frustrated by cooking
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    @HackerExecute I was like "Well damn I eat about 20 at the time might as well just buy enough to last a few weeks lol"
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    Yes, absolutely. Nothing is more relaxing than chopping fresh onions. :>
    (I love preparing burgers with homemade patties though the patty creation process mysteriously results in a huge mess, so I mostly buy them ... D:)

    @Michelle Who cares about cooking if they can eat cookies? :D
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    @jhh2450 @HackerExecute Damn, I'm jealous! Pizza rolls are one thing you don't get as ready-made meal in Germany.
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    @Michelle We should team up then! I love cooking, love trying new recipes and going off of taste and experimenting... But I can't bake to save my life! It always comes out wrong in some way, like it won't rise, or the outside will be overcooked but the inside raw etc.

    A tip on the cooking, don't be afraid to add some more salt, or extra herbs. Mess around, get it wrong, try again and you'll wind up getting things right! Generally you eat 3 times a day, so that's 3 opportunities to try something, if you get 1 out of 3 right, you're on the right path!
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    We should. :D

    If it doesn't rise, then you aren't using any baking soda.

    If it's raw on the inside but overcooked on the outside, you used to much water.
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    @iamkrid That looks absolutely yummy. Can I get an invite for dinner? 😋
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    @iamkrid, finally a cooker dev !! damn i'm hungry now !! Looks tasty !!

    @Michelle, did you try using salt and pepper ? Basic ones but usually a good starting point ;) add them and taste the dish every time you add.

    It's like CI/CD when it does not reach the trigger to pass the build just try again ^^

    Butter and flour are also a good mix when you want to harden a sauce, trust me I'm an engineer ;)
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    Coding food
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    I completely agree...

    I live cooking and making time for cooking, for me it's a great stress relief...

    Started with basic recipes etc and gradually moved to seeing what I have in the fridge & pantry and being able to make a decent meal out of it 😊
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    @Michelle Chili fixes everything. Chili peppers, sambal, sriracha, doesn't matter.
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    Cooking is great, but I HATE doing the dishes :/
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    I personally love doing the dishes. It's rather calming and it's just me and my thoughts.
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    @Michelle I've heard of such strangeness, even experienced people like you. It's always a great combination ;)
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