Hmm. I'm sure some of you could come up with more reasons why they wouldn't recommend Windows 10 to a friend lol.

But like for most people there is only two options for OS: Mac or Windows. At this point, everyone has their preference. What do they expect? You and your mates chilling at a bar, and then you bring this up: "Aye fellas fellas. You guys ever use Windows 10? It's freaking awesome man."

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    I actually talked with friends about that. It was some time ago, when Microsoft wanted to update everything. I had installed win10 already and also the preview before, so at that time i was a usable source of information for them.
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    "Yeah...! Who would do that! *Nervous laugh* Certainly not me! Haha!"
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    @Jilano @CWins I mean yeah with tech friends I'd talk about it. I was mainly looking at it with the perspective of non tech people though lol
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