Dear Microsoft: I don't care if Edge or any other of your in-house developed software is faster than the alternatives, it's about quality not speed.

If you design quality products people will use them, just because they are "faster" doesn't mean shit.

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    If quality is important you better not use Chrome
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    @Linux I'm a Google fan boy, of course I use Chrome, but compare chrome to edge... I think we know what quality is
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    Google is worse than Microsoft, and Chrome is crap.
    Basically, Google is what Microsoft was 10-15 years ago.
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    @Linux oh well, opinions are opinions (not saying Google are perfect btw, they can be pretty fucked up)
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    Hey now don't be mean - we need a browser to download Chrome with. Also, as I typed the last sentence I realised that I use Firefox because Linux. And then I remembered the VM for government stuff... Fml
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