Just want to rant about my current struggle and look for some advice.

I was never encouraged to explore and cultivate my interests in my life before college, and my family kept pressuring me to achieve academic excellence in the past.

Only until I got into my current liberal art college last year, I was able to do what I like: Art and programming.

Everything was moving forward smoothly so far, but when I started to apply for internship, I found myself in a very awkward situation: companies who offer interns prefer students who're concentrated in cs or art, but not both. And as you might guess, they require personal projects which I barely have time to do besides my school work.

Sometimes I wonder if studying in liberal art college is a good idea... I can't imagine myself competing with CS guys from universities...Or art students from design schools like RISD.

I really like both fields, yet Im still struggling with my future career decisions.

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    Try to gather as much information about fields as possible, always try out something new to be better at understating yourself.

    Studying Information Systems didn't have me enough progression (mostly because university aimed at the radio-electronic part), that's why after first term I've got myself into the company and started working part-time as a developer. After a year of working I understood that financial field is not for me, I like creative side of programming. That's when I discovered that I love psychological way of describing interfaces and theirs interactions.

    Long story short, right now I'm in search of game developers company for summer job/internship, yet still haven't done any small game at the moment.
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