My company insists on working in one production environment to save time and every time I try to convince them to set up a work flow with a dev and test environment, they tell me we don't have the time...

Even after I set one up anyway as I'm scared shitless to touch production. They tell me it's faster doing it all in one environment.

They launch an update. Site buggy as hell and doesn't load 90% of the content...


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    @1989 I don't know if it's because I'm still new to the industry or because they just refuse the idea.

    But I've tried explaining the pros and cons and even brought my copy of Code Complete by Steve McConnell to show them.

    But my proposal was denied.
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    So when are you going to start getting professional experience?
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    @qbalsdon I can only dream...
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    @1989 ah! So it's money! Alright! I'll give it a shot. Gonna make me a badass PowerPoint!
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