I always use my work password the first time I log in my home computer.

Ever single time.

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    Happens me all the time as well 😅 And the other way around too! The fist time at work I enter my password from home 😪
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    I often just look around for things ill notice when i enter the room, thats likely to not change Soon and build a password from it.

    So something like whitePanelDevDuck
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    @lotd I do exactly the same! usually in combination with some numeric value and a special character
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    I use a program that generates random, but easy to pronounce, passwords. Then I substitute some special characters, numbers etc. It's very easy to remember and extremely difficult to bruteforce. Dictionary attacks are pretty useless against it. Although I still consider this my general purpose password method. For important and critical things I have a more rigorous system.
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