Selenium has been the most magical thing in my coding life so far. Its so exciting to see a browser operating I itself automatically. I actually realized why some sites ask you to perform some tests to confirm whether you're a robot or not . For those who don't know, selenium and a few others are the robots in question. 😂

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    well. the reason is usualy automated web crawlers/spiders, not slow selenium webdrivers.
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    Hahaha 😂😂
    I've severally warned myself on thinking that I know enough. Here's the embarrassment again. Thanks @magicMirror
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    Well as stated above on the meme, it's the web crawlers and spiders not selenium 😂😂😂
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    @Artin srsly dude. this is not a meme, it is xkcd, and old af.
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    @magicMirror now you're making me feel more stupid. What is a xkcd? 😂
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    Xkcd is a webcomic, and as stated by yourself you should feel stupid for not knowing this wonderful part of the Internet.
    Now go and do something about the stupidity, not all is lost yet.
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    @RobertSmits Why do you have to make learning such an embarrassing process? Hahaha
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    @JoshuaS Thank you for your Pic. Thanks a lot 😊
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    @Artin I was just continuing on what you said. Of course there in nothing wrong with not knowing something. We al have to hear these things from someone who already knows it.
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