Why is it so effing hard to find a stormtrooper sticker of just the helmet? Does a stormtrooper head sticker exist?

I find all kinds of funky, custom, stylised variants, but nothing looks like what I'm envisioning: just the helmet, facing forward, black and white. I don't care what generation of trooper. Just that iconic look...

But no. Nobody has anything like it, not even Ali Express.

I have a black phone with a white front, so it basically looks like a stormtrooper already. I want to put a sticker on the back to emphasise the colour scheme. So, size matters: about 5 cm / 2 in wide max.

Do you know if such a simple sticker exists?

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    Something like this would be perfect:

    But this particular example is probably a bit too wide... 😣

    And shipping to The Netherlands probably is a bitch.
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    I could do it in illustrator for you
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    @nullsoup thanks, but the greatest challenge is the size. Apparently everything start at about 8 cm, but I need a sticker no wider than 7 cm.
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    Hey! We do have one storm trooper one


    This particular one is 6.35 cm x 6.35 cm
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    @sumeetchawla really awesome, seems reasonably priced too for the quality and reusability you promise. Do you happen to have a coupon lying around? I'm thinking of ordering about 15-20 stickers for myself and some colleagues, so I was hoping to maybe get a small discount. ;)
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