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I can't do school anymore. I get so many panic attacks. I was shaking the entire time I was writing my essay today. It's hard to focus when your brain is fucking freaking out. I'm missing deadlines, failing tests left and right.

Real talk, I'm not dumb. This was never a problem. My University fucked me up and now I can't even look at an assignment without an electric feeling and I don't know what to do.

I had a panic attack during the opening crawl of Star Wars. I had to leave the theater. My anxiety is going to give me a heart attack one of these times. I'm 18, why am I experiencing health issues like this?

School isn't done right. How could this be the intended effect?

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    damn, i also kinda have anxiety but is fading away with my age
    in your case is awful, try to focus on your breath, let thoughts come and go just don't give them so much attention just some notes from them and how you feel at that time
    Try meditating maybe it ll help.
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    Oh no mate... even for me it didnt happen that soon, it still took me 1 1/2 year to get to that part when I drop out of my first university
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    Do you have anyone to talk with? You need to do so mate, being honest this shit only gets worse, I rather know about it myself, can see you only posted a snapchat link, I aint using that shit though, like a discord server or something like that
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    Try looking into 54321 rule
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    Not too sound advice, but you might want to try a spliff
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    You can have this at any age, whether you are as healthy and young as fuck doesn't matter and it sucks massively.

    Fear is a very powerful (and old) emotion, and a means by which your body is trying to tell you that something is going wrong in a rather brutal way as you probably realized.

    Get professional help, if you didn't already. (There's nothing wrong with that or you, for that matter.)
    E.g. my university at that time offered free counseling - talking with a professional about why my brain does what it does and getting advice helped. (I had lots of stress also and learned to handle it way better to avoid panic attacks.)

    In case of panic attack, talk to someone you know and let them distract you. Go running/punch a bag to put that adrenaline to some use. Become an observer like @AndreiKnight said and not a participant of your fear.
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