I made a game. By myself. Took me six months. I struggled to complete it. It was not a good game. I was nearly depressed at the end of the project. But I'm proud I was able to finish it and published it. It made me friends in the industry and it got me my first job. So yeah it was my most successfull project. 😊

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    Why your story exactly same as mine... Thinking to just repost it as mine
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    Post the game boi
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    Check on Google playstore...

    My game name - "jumprush preview"
    And if you not able to find with name then try using "ashwini violet" @simpleJack
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    Did you use a game engine or code from scratch?
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    It's completely from scratch.. all basic functionality entirely written in java then just integrated with Android... It's 4 year old now.. I used eclipse that time... @simpleJack
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    Well that is some hardwork! Cheers to you def will check it out
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    Share the game please!
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    You can find it on the play store.

    I always have respect for people who implement their own engines, its a difficult thing to do
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    Btw i know it's a creepy game to play 😂😂...

    i lost my shit while developing this creepy game because i started entirely from beginning...

    Well just graphics and the jump distance is creepy actually...

    (I'm not good in graphics thing... )
    Functionality is perfect...

    If anyone want source code of this game... Can ask... I'll make a git repo..
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    @simpleJack I meant @sgfds game. But will check this one as well.
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    @Noob Removed it from the stores. Not really worth anyone's time and it will reveal my real my personal accounts so yeah 😊 Thanks for your interest.
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    It's not that tough... Just took mw 6 months and some maths tricks @vlatkozelka
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    Congrats man! :D
    I've made games in roblox platform and left it at 30% because there was almost no plans and lack of idea.
    I'm currently making another game, and Im hopeful to say it's promising :D
    Check my rants :)
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