I think that was that automated greenhouse thingy.
This is basically a Raspberry Pi with sensors, a fan and a water pump controlling the air circulation and watering of the greenhouse. The data from the sensors gets stored in a database and you can check the temperature & humidity history on a shitty web interface.
This was one of my very first projects and I'm really proud of finishing it although it's really not perfect. When I started it I had never worked with
1) databases
2) sensors on the raspi
3) webinterfaces
before and somehow managed to get it working.

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    Super cool!
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    Sounds cool! Do you have a list of the hardware? Would love to make one myself :)
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    @StazC I'm working on a list of the electronic components, I will post it here when it's finished.
    I don't know if you want to personally build the greenhouse, I have used some acrylic glass and wood, but you can also buy an assembled greenhouse.
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