My Teacher wouldn't understand the responsiveness of UI I designed and gave me 10pts for that.

I was told that my design is too unrealistic and idealistic for it to implement..
I used some css framework(to reduce the amount of work to be done) and javascript.

My dream is to become a web developer and make Desktop application with a use of ElectronJS(Currently devRantron is using).


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    Care to share your design?
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    My C# instructor gave me a 3.0/4 because I didn't name variables the way she wanted, and because I was arrogant to her because I'm a better programmer than she is.

    My Advanced C# was more lenient (And she was also a better programmer than the previously mentioned instructor). I missed half the days and essentially only came in to take tests. Got a solid 4.0.

    Then I dropped out of college because I got tired of doing things "people's way" instead of "the smart way" and because I ran out of computer-related courses.
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    Look up brutalist design for the next assignment.
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    @ArtNo It was from scratch, I did explained it in my Paper, later on implemented in my current project.

    Tonight(GMT +8) I have to send a screenshot for my GUI for checking. I expect that my teacher will give me more "ERRORS" and use the way he/she taught to us in UI design.

    I can hardly see he/she is living in the stone age.

    @antic Naming conventions are important for other developers to read your code, I'm not saying you're wrong. to add more security reason, you must create a specific variable in a way that you or in your team are capable to understand it.

    PS. I wouldnt use Microsoft VB(Majority of my Class use this, although our school prohibits Piracy, they still use it for personal use and they charge us for "Computer and Software Fees"), I wouldn't stick to the same island. sometimes i need to explore and be different, that's why I use javascript(ElectronJS as of Now), because, as a developer, I want everything as Open Source.
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