Watched the Winter Olympics opening ceremony where they have 1200 drones flying in unison to make amazing shapes in the sky with lights. Truly astonishing. It took a large team weeks / months to prepare.

BBC commentator “wow that must have taken someone hours”

Fuck you you dumb fuck ignorant cunt. It’s oxygen thiefs like you that put so much pressure on dev teams to do monumental tasks in ridiculous amounts of time.

If you don’t understand what you’re talking about then don’t talk!

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    That's a little harsh. I mean... he was amazed afterall.
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    @Froot is it though? Do you think anyone watched the rocket launch from SpaceX last week and said “wow, that must have taken a few guys a couple weeks to arrange”?

    Or looked at a massive skyscraper and said “wow I bet that took someone at least a month to put up”?

    Software complexity is always so misunderstood by non-software people, but they always see fit to try and tell us how long something should take, or it “should be easy enough, eh?”
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    "Oh, well I'm not a drone guy, I'm an announcer. The soft enjoyable timber of my voice and winning smile landed me this career. That took me hours, I figured it was basically the same thing."
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    Until.. The drone crashes and chop some one head. Then is another music!
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    Well, 3 months is still hours you know?
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    > Taken someone hours

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    And here I did the complete opposite..... My mom thought it was wizardry and that 2 people were actually controlling all the physical controllers. Told her software basically ran it and explained it and was frustrated she still thought it was black magic
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    I understand it's frustrating how much people suck at software estimations, but can you really blame the announcer?

    Come up with a better answer given his experience
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