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My last big project at school.

There was some pretty interesting projects, some shitty one, but there was one big project that interested almost everyone : a project in collaboration with Siemens. The project implied Machine Learning and Image Analysis. There were like 11 applies, with a total of 13-14 groups.

The project was randomly chosen for each group. I've learned that my project was the big one with Siemens. I remember how excited and hyped I was in a quarter of second.

So the whole project was tutored by one teacher that know us pretty well (since we already did a pretty cool project last year tutored by him) and by a former student at my school who's now at Siemens. And to be honest, it was one of the coolest project I've been into, despite the difficulty, since the whole subject (not gonna tell it just in case) was pretty new. We had some troubles, but we and our tutors always had discussion every week that helped us quite a lot.

There was some development planned at first, but the more we went into the project, the more we all saw the complexity of it and didn't quite hope to do a single line of code, but mostly research.

The project took around 3-4 months, we had a room that we can use with a GTX 1070 for training the neural network, and me and my friend knew how to work perfectly and efficiently.
At the end of the project, as expected we didn't do some coding, but we did a presentation of the project, with the big help of our tutor at Siemens that told us to redo from scratch our part in a more scientific way; the presentation was a real success, we got all the jury saying they actually wanted those kind of presentation and were really pleased. And we provided everything needed so a new fresh group with no knowledge of the topic could do some coding on it.

We got one of the highest notes of the promotion (not sure if the highest or not). Even tho it kinda disgusted me in researching, that actually was one of the best project I got to do that was that successful.

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