This poster is shite quality but I've transcribed the gold found on it:

The Technical Support Specialist:

- SEND US AN URGENT EMAIL IN UPPERCASE. We'll flag it as a rush job. Really.

- Loves it when a user calls screaming "the internet is broken".

- Gonna snap the next time a user asks why they don't have permission to install a George Michael screensaver.

- Last vacation: catching the first rays of sun from the back booth in Tim Hortons. Sweeeeeet!

- Most dreaded words: "I don't know what happened, I only opened the attachment".

- Has memorized over 100 access codes, but can't remember what day it is.

- Is amazed a user can have five chatrooms and three celebrity sites opened at once - but reading an I.T. support e-mail sent with high importance - now that's a complicated request.

- When you call with a tech support problem and say you'll be back in 5 - I'll say "Great!" And try not to snicker.

- System crashed last Thursday. Haven't seen my wife and kids since.

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