So far I've struggled with applying for software internships. Have been trying since last semester but most of them have either rejected me or ignored my application.

Oh well better to keep working on my own projects until I land something I guess! The most important part about being rejected is that you know you can get better!

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    What exactly do you do? Please don't hate on me. I'm just really lost. How do you make yourself more attractive for internships? Does open source contributions really cut it and is there anything more to do?
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    @erasmuswill What I've been doing is just working on small side projects like simple websites that use certain frameworks and such. But I dont really know what a recruiter really wants to see in a potential intern's portfolio
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    Hey man good mindset!

    You could try do get some cheap certificates or try to ask the companies what they found lacking.
    Maybe even send your resumee to a fellow dev, but it always depends on the recruiter...
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