Back when I still was in my first internship and was still working my way through the fundamentals of programming, I given a web relay and asked to make it do something. The web relay let you write BASIC into a web page hosted by the device itself in order to program it. My task was to turn the relay on if a certain temperature threshold was met, and to turn off the relay (the relay would control an air intake system for cooling).

I learned the syntax of BASIC enough to get a basic (hah) script going, and dug into the relay documentation for other bits of info I needed. It definitely was no coding masterpiece, but I was able to program the damned thing to turn this blower on and off if the measured temperature was within a range. I discovered that there was a limit to how deep the conditionals would nest, and had to restructure my code to account for the limitation.

I've since gotten better at coding, but to accomplish that task as I was beginning my programming journey felt like a true accomplishment.

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