When your question on StackOverflow has more than 5 upvotes and an accepted answer with around 10 upvotes, and then some asshole moderator decides it is a duplicate and deletes it.

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    It's about canonicalization. If you have multiple questions asking the same thing over and over again, it will be harder, and will take time to navigate through them.

    The priority is not points, reputation or whatever. The priority is to let people find high quality answers as fast as possible.
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    @AndSoWeCode I understand that. The thing is, I did my part in searching for my question before asking it on SO. And I did not find any reasonable answer - and I definitely did not come across the already asked question.

    Sometimes, your keywords won't yield existing resources in search.

    I have no problem at all that my question is a duplicate - and it is marked as such. But when you delete it, you prevent other people from coming across it who might use similar keywords as you did - and end up asking the same thing.
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    Stackoverflow can be a great help and good resource for many many things.

    But it's like your old lady at home.
    If you treat her right she's your angel.
    Treat her wrong and she punches you right in the face.

    So be sure to state your question accurate, in a clear manner and do an exhaustive research before posting.
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