Working for 5 months as a junior dev. I receive a request to check out a data issue at client, no one knows what is happening. I quickly find a data import issue and let everybody know. Few days later apparently issue is still not solved. A senior data consultant approaches me asking for help.
senior: 'So, any idea what's wrong with the data?'
me: 'Yeah, someone messed up the import. Just delete it and import it again.'
senior: 'How do you know?'
me: 'Because <insert valid arguments>'
senior: Wow, very clever. Amazing work. I wouldn't have thought about that. Great job'

A few moments later I receive an email from the senior with all the stakeholders in the cc: 'I found the problem and I have a solution <copy/paste my words>'

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    Ouch is your first backstabbing?
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    What an asshole.
    Please expose him.
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    Welcome to the corporate bullshit!
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    Next time just say "I have a couple of possible ideas, let me look into it and I'll email you the results". That way there's an email chain in case he tries this kind of thing again...

    It also helps when you get your next review with your boss as you can use it as evidence of your knowledge/skills/ability to help out other people on your team.

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