Ok Storytime.
Yesterday I applied for a summerjob as a Software/Webdeveloper at some companies. Today I got a call and they tell me I have the job. When I asked what kind of things I will have to do there the Recruiter didn't really know, so I accepted because fuck it.
Later I got told that somebody from the team will be calling me. So i ask that guy what I'm going to be doing and he tells me they have a old sharepoint application that they need to migrate to a new sharepoint version.

So I read up on sharepoint and find out about the languages ASP.NET supports aaaaaand it's about my least favorite language C#. (Well actually that would be Visual Basic but nevermind) We did some C# in school but I never got fond of it.
But hey learning something new ain't so bad or is it?

What are your thoughts on Sharepoint, ASP.NET and C#?

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    @DLMousey I heard pretty good things about the company from various friends so I didn't think about it too much.­čśů
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    Your profile says "Java" and you say C# is your least favorite.
    Do you know any other?
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    @CWins Here is a list of my most preferred languages to my least preferred languages.

    8.Visual Basic

    Logically I have worked more with languages that I prefer than with ones I don't like.
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    Wait you sent application yesterday and got hired the next day? What is this company? :o
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    @okkimus Well the time frame for summer job applications closes at the end of feb/march. So i was actually a bit late sendin out my applications.

    Even if I had not accepted the job right away, the would have needed an answer on the same day. I guess they were also a bit late in finding applicants :)
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    I prefer C# over java any day. I hate using java
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    @ch715t0 So there's light at the end of the tunnel. May I ask what you dislike about java?
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    @Ederbit I will try to keep this comment short, in a point form and not a rant.

    Too verbose and repetitive, boilerplate, it feels (opinion) primitive making it slow and boring to program, it's repetitive. Java removed all good things from C++ to re-add them as some "bolt on" solution. Over designed, under performs, your IDE is not VisualStudio. No LINQ, MSDN > Oracle, properties suck. etc. I could go on. C# is just more precise, faster and is mostly used in more in-depth task solving professional environments (no source/opinion) meaning when seeking help on StackOverflow, you often get better answers from experienced programmers. Big-up Jon Skeet!

    One thing Java has got going for it is it's dominated by students learning to program so every question you could ever ask, has probably been answered in one way or another, you just have to do a lot of digging if you are doing anything complex.

    And, installers should not be allowed to try and sneak-in offers. Shitty java...
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    @ch715t0 I disagree with most things here but let's see how I think about it in a few months after my summer job :D
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    @Ederbit honestly few of my points were subjective and could be disagreeable, but most were objective. Good luck with the summer job.
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    @ch715t0 I don't know any C++ so I can't say anything about that really.

    IDE doesn't count for me as an argument why x is better than y.

    As for the properties i.e getter and setter I find java much more simpler as it doesn't use extra syntax and just uses normal methods.

    The reason my current school teaches java over C# is because of statistics stating that Java is the most used language in enterprise environments. But that might be different for other countries.

    Also can't compare the Stack Overflow communities of Java and C# since I never really was invested in C# Troubleshooting.

    I do agree on the installer part though
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    @Ederbit for some reason I can't reply to your comment in one go, so I will split it up.

    It’s not about you knowing C++ it’s about java’s removal and reimplementation of features, badly.

    VisualStudio is an extremely powerful tool.

    In Java you need to write getters and setters, in C# you do not... so I don’t follow how you can think it is simpler when it's objectively not.

    Java is taught at schools and universities because it is easy to learn, and you arguably have a higher chance of being employed for an enterprise solution, which is debatably 'archaic'. It’s a good gateway language into better languages.
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    @Ederbit 2:
    My other objective points. It’s repetitive, verbose, boilerplate, no LINQ, over designed, dominated by inexperienced students. Also: C# has no exception checking, better ENUM support, delegates and less noise.

    You have listed Bash, Batch and Powershell above C# as your preferred programming languages when for most devs, they are tools that support your main working languages. I don’t know how much conversation is left at this point. You clearly prefer java.
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    @ch715t0 Hey I'm really not trying to start a x vs y language here, just sharing opinions.

    1. With that I mean I don't know any C++, therefore I can't tell which features were reimplemented from C++ in a bad way.

    2. That's cool and all, but that doesn't make C# a better language just because theres a good IDE for it.

    3. You don't need them in java, vut if you do, you implement them using normal methods. In C# you have these properties that could be replaced with simple functions.

    4. I wouldn't call Java archaic, but hey, if the majority of companies use java then why not teach students?

    5. Well I'm not going to go against all points, since they can be interpreted differently but why would the lack of LINQ, a .NET technology, be a bad thing in a non .NET language?
    Or how do you come to know that java is dominated by inexperienced students? Doesn't seem really objective to me.

    Thats why i didn't write programming languages, just languages. Now lets leave it at that.
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    @Ederbit let's leave it at that?

    Let's leave it at this: you're dumb
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    @ch715t0 Ok, no need to be offended ­čśé
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    @Ederbit I'm not offended, i'm just more surprised you are still going and pushing your defence case for Java instead of listening to people or doing some research. You even had to try to have your last ditch attempt and say leave it there after I already told you the conversation was over after making fun of some of the things you have said in this thread. Honestly, fuck what i'm saying, stay as you are, I don't give a fuck. I know that I wouldn't hire you because you clearly fixate on one language in a childish manner being better than another. Your list reply was so stupid that I just called you dumb because I'm bored of you now. You clearly don't want to listen or care what people say, you just want people to agree with you, so fuck off to a java forum then. When you finish school I hope you learn to not be so narrow minded
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    @ch715t0 I clearly see that your'e not offendend. You don't know me, so how can you tell I'm narrowminded. I never even said that java is "better" than something else. I won't reply here anymore, so byyyeee
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    @Ederbit You arrogantly put binary in your about section, like anyone has time or care to check it, you took a job without knowing what you are doing, you listed languages you use as tools for the most part over functional languages you will work with, you asked for opinions but argue with what you don’t agree with, and you are like a dog with a bone. Let it go. You got a summer job, good for you, you clearly have some hang-up against C#, and I don’t care why or what it is.
    You missed the point twice with this so I will dumb it down more. Java is shit because of the C++ reason I have given twice. Just because you don’t know C++, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Your profile says good at Googling, so go learn the definition of verbose… Wait, I get it, you like making me repeat myself, because you like java which is full of repetition, oh man, you dragged this joke on for a long time! Good one! You really got me there!
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    @SoulSkrix Maybe I'm really not good at expressing my thoughts in english because I have no problem trying new things or switching from java to Kotlin... Still I find most points made here subjective :D
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    I liked ch's comments. Until she out of nowhere brought it down to personal level.
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