Early 1970s, when I was around 8 years old. I read about Artificial Intelligence and it blew me away. I knew nothing about computers, other than I wanted to program them.

I still have old computer magazines, starting from around 1978 not long after the microcomputer revolution started.

My first computer had 2K RAM. That's 2048 bytes. I expanded the memory 1K at a time, and it took 2 chips - they were 4 bits by 1024 so you needed 2 chips to have 8 bit wide memory.

2114 static ram, 300ns.

I think they still make them!

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    How much did that computer cost you?
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    @haabe Acorn Atom £180 UK sterling if I remember correctly.

    It had 8K ROM with an integer BASIC (no floating point routines) but also a built-in inline 6502 assembler.

    1K block zero RAM for indirection and scratch data, variable storage, etc. 512 bytes for the screen. 512 bytes for programming.

    I learned to be succinct!

    Or as the old Dr Dobbs title had it, "running light without overbyte".
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    @Wildgoose so inspiring, I was reading the beginnings on ARM holdings.

    And found a documentary-drama Micro-Men from BBC, I think you already view it, but for all devRant readers, how was the personal computer on the UK industry.



    (1:20 min)
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    @IoTeacher Yes, I remember watching Micro-men. We had a huge number of different microcomputers in the UK.

    For example, there was the Jupiter Ace which came with Forth rather than BASIC.

    ARM originally stood for Acorn RISC Machine if I remember correctly. Acorn were a brilliant company with very high quality kit.
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    @Wildgoose I'm so grateful here all this experience first hand. Today I'm using raspberryPi on my class, UK tech. Since first launch on the balloon back 2009 A publication on the BBC online, got me hook on embedded system to know more about ARM.

    Currently 8 rpi, 12 arduinos and lot of sensors to make IoT for my students.
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    @Wildgoose sincere congratulations on this post and last word I also on IA, from my masters CS.
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