Young aspiring dev asking for career advice here. I have to choose between two job offers:

1. The first for a larger company that mainly works with a top-tier company's solutions.
2. The other for a smaller company where I have more freedom to choose a stack.

I'm not really straight out from university. I'm wondering about what would be the most developing for me personally and professionally. Does the size of the company matter? I work hard and like to be rewarded for hard work, where is that more likely to happen? Should I choose from what stacks I prefer? Salary?

Do you fellow devs have any other input or advice? Perhaps guidance on other questions I should ask myself?

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    Tldr; it depends what you want.

    First, don't sell yourself short on salary. Never work below market rate for equity/bonus. Particularly at the start of a career, low salaries have a habit of following you around.

    With a larger firm you should have more security, more of a support net and an opportunity to learn about enterprise development (process heavy, safety first)

    With a smaller firm, more variety, more chances to learn new things but probably more stressful if there isn't a good mentor there to work with.

    How did you feel personally with each of the companies? Did you feel more wanted/needed at one or the other? Did you have any good personal connections. Do either of them have reputations as being stressful/prone to firing/good for learning?

    Either way, don't be afraid to leave if it's not working out (after you've lined up a replacement job). Nothing worse than staying where you don't want to be.
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    1. Interest
    2. Schedules
    3. Money.

    Is it interesting? Too fast/slow? Are they paying you enough to not care about any of that.
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