Looking at open positions, noticed that some of the jobs I've seen a year ago are still looking for an engineer with 2+ years of experience.....
Could of taken anyone and taught him everything you need already..... You had a full year SMH

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    Wow, just read Good Omens and everybody there says "could of" instead of "have" too. Didn't know it was typed too
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    *could HAVE
    An innocent child dies somewhere on the planet, everytime somebody uses it wrongly.
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    @PonySlaystation @skqr
    You realize not everyone is a native English speaker right? You know there are other places outside the US? Do you always run around and petronize?
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    @Vitz Haha, I'm not a native english speaker either, nor do live closely to an english speaking country. But if you even just know basic sentences in english then you will just by logic understand that "could of" makes no sense at all, while "could have" indeed makes sense.
    The word you meant was "patronizing" and does not at all describe the way my previous comment was written.
    It would have been somewhat patronizing if it was about a minor mistake. This one is just too obvious.
    Just for your info: A lot of (native) english speakers write it online the wrong way, but that's most likely because they write how they always hear the word combination ("could've", same problem is with "would've") sounding like "could of", but it is just fucking stupid to write "could of".
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    @Vitz Additionally: I can do nothing about it if people feel "patronized" by my comment.
    Nowadays more and more people think that just because their "feelings were hurt", they feel responsible to tell others and want them to change the way they speak or write.

    It is just fucking annoying.
    If everybody had to try to not hurt others' feelings, you would not be able to speak one single word.
    The worst are SJWs, 24/7 triggered flowers and safe-space-cry-people. The world is a rough place. If you feel patronized, triggered or hurt, it is your sole problem (as long as I'm not saying stuff that is against the law).
    Nobody is able to care about everybody's feelings.
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    Are you done? Damn felt like you melting here and on valentines day it adds sadness to it
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    @Vitz dude, I'm Argentinian. My mother tongue is Spanish. Did you just assume my language? #ohnoyoudidn
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