If you're a programming teacher and want your pubescent students to stay serious: Do not do

int itemCnt;

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    Well depends wether you teach somewhere where people speak really really good english. I got the joke but it would never occur to me in the wild.
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    @karnivol The class I landed in isn't too bad in English.
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    @IllSlapU Yes, but cnt just reads like cunt.
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    Had a teacher doing the dog class use inBreed as a variable...
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    @filthyranter why make it so much more of a trouble to read the Code for only 2 characters though?
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    int cunt; < yup, not a typo, I just use this shit when debugging and am passive agressive with my code.. 😂😂😇
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    @Wizard To me, it's esyr to rd flly writn wrds thn ths sht.

    In general.
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