I'm currently taking a computer science degree (which sounds too fancy) at a school that has a really close relationship with a software company called "Unik". Now that makes a lot of sense given how it's a vocational university and all. Now one of the things they teach us for making GUIs is called Windows Forms, and it's really really shit. So shit that me and one of my mates has started to use something called WPF instead (which is like HTML in a lot of ways. And so much better.) How much better? Well we had a bigger project recently with 3 other people who had never programmed before, and their reaction? "It makes so much more sense."

Now what I find really fascinating is that whenever I stumble upon any job posting from Unik, they always seek developers who knows WPF.

I'm pretty happy that I've programmed since 2012 since this place seems really odd at times 😂

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