My ducks are creepy, is this normal?

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    I tried to make the image horizontal, but apparently i cannot do that
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    You may relate to this video.
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    Perfectly normal. :)

    (If they start glowing violet and floating and/or quacking incantations wherein you may or may not identify the names of some of the Great Old Ones however, leave immediately.
    Don't git commit and git push - for something in your code you just explained to them must have been very wrong - run and don't look back.)
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    They look like like demons wanting hugs
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    Every time you look at them, they take a small portion of your soul. :3
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    @jhh2450 honestly, i watched that video and then i went away and purchased 20 ducks...
    Then 20 more..
    Now i got the first 20, and theyre smaller than expected, so i ordered 10 more, larger...

    And one thats even bigger.
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    @rasm945i That video had me rolling. Im thinking about trying to see if my school will book him to perform an event for us.
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    @jhh2450 that sounds awesome.
    Ive watched the duck video, and the two replying to spam videos, three times each xD
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