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    I wrote a program that calculates my water usage. It takes a number then divides it by 30 then tells me how many liters I used that month/day. It's awesome.
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    Yeah...only does the 30 days and the result is more of an average.
    Maybe next year I fill figure it out....@Greggergalactic
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    I'm learning the basics of it atm.😎
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    Python is dope until you hit the GUI life
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    Why is everyone loving Python so much but hating PHP?
    For me as a PHP developer, i don't see any benefit from using Python.
    Haven't really done much with Python though, so this isn't a rethorical question.
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    I'm both a Python and PHP lover. People hate PHP because it's a popular opinion. There's no actual reason.
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    @Michelle That's only partly true. Many people are hating PHP with that being the only reason.

    That being said, there are legit reasons to hate PHP as there are with any other language as well.
    To me, PHP's syntax is absolutely horrible, and I absolutely despise the inconsistency in the language.
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    Did you need a semicolon for that Unicode? *micdrop* 😂😂😂😂
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    @Michelle I'm a PHP dev. I have lots of reasons 😂😂 ini_set('memory_limit', -1);
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    I actually never touched PHP... But I used python every now and than and would like to use it more often. But as I am not a dev, I always struggle to find a use case to write sth :D

    Therefore I am mostly using python to make my life easier at some points ... and works really well an I like it :) kinda matches how I think in code... Might be different for every one

    For me (I know I might be wrong) PHP lives only in the web :D don't know why. Its the kind of picture I am having from PHP. would never come to my mind to write a script in PHP (not even just to try) to simplify some task on a Linux machine ...
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