Ive been thinking for a few now that if like to begin a social program to get old people to play computer games.

They are often bored as fuck, cant move much and have no mental challenges.

I mean what else than video games could save the day?

Old homes with puzzles and missing pieces. Dementia neighbours. Ots a no brainer!

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    Except that old people quite often have poor eyesight and aren't used to blue light flickering in their eye at 60Hz.

    I reckon you show them Candy Crush (without needing "that book of faces") and they could be quite content.
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    Old people like to drive fast cars and shoot folk.

    Doesn't that sound like:

    > Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V
    > (Elders React: Gaming)
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    Yeah. Not all would be able to play. But then you also have many games fit for different kind of people.

    I mean they watch tv most of the time anyways. Might as well play video games instead.
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