How far is too far, driving 90min every direction to work counts as normal? (actually driving)

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    For me, that would be too much. I would have accepted that in the past but i had my share of driving to workplaces and i don't want it anymore.

    Ps: thanks to the guy who invented the audio book.
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    Don't do that for more than a year. If they don't pay you enough to live less than an hour away, get a new job.
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    Depends, do you like driving?
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    Well in London on a good day it would take me 2 hours to get to work, on a bad day, 4 hours..

    And that's only going from A to B inside London !

    I did see a job in the nearest town to me, but that's 5 hours away..

    As such I think I need a camper van, then I can drive to work, and sleep overnight to do a 4 day week..
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    Reminded me of a non-paid intern position I considered, but its 43 hours away. :-)
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    Yeah it's actually the traffic and not the distance, 25miles in 90min avarage.....
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